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October 2020

Rev. Al Boyce was our minister from 2017 to 2020. The pandemic put such a strain on our finances that we could not afford to keep him. This is his farewell letter.

My Dear Friends at First Universalist Church of Turner,

I write to say thank you. Thank you for these past years of shared ministry and the incredible opportunity of discovering the gifts each of you have offered me. The laughter at church suppers, cooking breakfasts, minister lunches, yard sales and most importantly, Sunday Worship while serving as your minister, are all such rich memories.

As I formally step away as your minister due to the parish's financial hardship, please know I applaud President Vicky Catlett for her passionate and professional leadership. I also appreciate each board member who struggled to find a way through this difficult Covid-19 financial challenge. I appreciate each member of the church who holds on to the vision and mission of the church.

I know the months ahead will call forth all the creative energy you have. I hold each member, and friend of the church, is the highest esteem. I have faith that if there is a way through the struggle, you will find it.

In deep appreciation,
Rev. Al

We will not have services at the church during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We do, however, have some video chats from Rev. Al on Youtube. He sent out a "virtual service", with a chat and some hymns, on Sunday and a mid-week meditation on Wednesday.

Rev. Al Boyce
Rev. Al Boyce.
Portrait by Elise Klysa, Belgrade, Maine.

First Universalist Church of Turner Center
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