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November, 2019

Dear Members and Friends,

Colleague Peter Tufts Richardson published an extensive detailed volume entitled Universalists and Unitarians of Maine in 2017, and on page 46 he writes of our parish: "In 1827 the Rev. George Bates was called as the congregationís first minister and remained with them for 25 years.

In 1845 Universalists in Maine published Fifteen Sermons Together with as many Prayers from fifteen Universalist Clergymen of Maine. A sermon by George Bates came first including the memorable line: "There can be no principle, nor attribute, in the divine nature, incompatible with, or in opposition to, Eternal Love". Imagine being quoted some 174 YEARS later? And then, for that quote to be just as vital now as it was then, it is reflected in our congregations "Statement of Faith".

It is in that spirit, I wish to invite our members and friends to continue the discussion leading toward action in researching and voting to becoming a "Green Congregation". I invite all children, young adult, and adults to explore what we might need/desire to do in declaring our congregation "Green". I agree with George Bates that love is in the Divine nature. I ask us all to make that "love" an action verb and exemplify/model it for our greater Turner area. I believe we owe it to our children, grandchildren, neighbors and friends to remind us all that with a small effort can come significant and loving results. Please call, text, or email me should you wish to work with me on a winter committee for a spring proposal to the parish on becoming a "Green Congregation".

In your loving service,
Rev. Al

First Universalist Church of Turner Center
450 Turner Center Road (Rt. 117), Turner Center, ME 04282
(207) 524-7741

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