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October, 2019

Dear Members and Friends,

Wow, here we are barreling into fall, filled with all the familiar activities of apple picking, leaf raking, piling wood, and alas, our Annual Meeting.

Annual Meetings are especially eventful for we UUs, as it was our Unitarian Forebearers who helped organize our nationís democracy moving us away from a monarchy to a society where we the people vote, and by voting, decided the direction our nation would take.

So this year when we gather, I invite you to come with a commitment to participate in the democratic process of deciding the direction our parish will take for the next year. This is a beautiful opportunity to live our principles of open discourse in respect and love, while at the same time voting your conscience in the spirit of community.

Now letís go apple picking.

As ever,
Rev. Al

First Universalist Church of Turner Center
450 Turner Center Road (Rt. 117), Turner Center, ME 04282
(207) 524-7741

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