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July 2020

Greetings Friends,

We’re Doing Our Best,

My granddaughter made the university honor roll this past semester and she was rightly proud of herself. I am imagining there are lots of children and grandchildren proud that they succeeded well during the last semester of this very challenging school year. While I am, of course, a proud grandfather and praise Calleena for her accomplishment, I always add the caveat, just do your best, whatever that is and that will be enough.

The experience with my granddaughter got me thinking about us, here at First Universalist Church of Turner Center. We may not be making honor rolls, but I believe we are sure doing our best with what life has dealt us. I offer praise and kudos to everyone.

As many of you know it has been a tough few month for us. Due to COVID-19 we have had to step away from sanctuary use and the stock market drop hit our meager stock portfolio quite dramatically. This required some hard and painful conversations. The Board approached me at the end of March reporting our financial hit would make continuing my contract as agreed was not looking doable. We agreed that I would reduce my time and would be minister for pastoral needs and check in with folks as needed. This means I am available for the parish 1 unit per week instead of the usual 6. I have offered to continue my usual hours as much as possible to help keep our connections going during this time of isolation and challenge on so many fronts. If our financial picture changes the board can reimburse me, and if not, I will consider it a gift of love to a church I cherish. We will re-visit the issue in September, but for now, I am willing to do all in my power to continue. I have just begun to pick up a bit more time at Hospice House so this does help some with my personal financial picture.

The silver lining in all of this unexpected turn of events is that the board is working diligently to discover if one of our stained-glass windows may be of Tiffany quality. That might change our entire financial future and ease the pain of this moment. So, stay tuned on that front.

What I DO KNOW is that we have done our best, and we are doing our best to be responsible with our limited funds while being sensitive to the spiritual needs of each other.

Serving you continues to be a sacred trust.
Rev. Al

We will not have services at the church during the Covid 19 pandemic.

We do, however, have some video chats from Rev. Al on Youtube. He sends out a "virtual service", with a chat and some hymns, on Sunday and a mid-week meditation on Wednesday.

Rev. Al Boyce
Rev. Al Boyce.
Portrait by Elise Klysa, Belgrade, Maine.

First Universalist Church of Turner Center
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