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Welcome to the First Universalist Church of Turner Center. Our congregation was founded December 24, 1803. We moved to our new building in 1851. We are very proud to be Universalists and part of the Turner, Maine community. Won't you join us? We meet every Sunday at 10:00 am.

A Prayer of Intention

We wake to another week, heavyhearted, knowing that over the weekend, within a 24 hour period of time, two mass shootings have emotionally paralyzed much of our nation.

O God, give us strength to endure. Hold the victimized families in love. Help us to not withdraw and become hopeless by accepting this has become our nation's new normal.

O God, give us strength to walk with intention. An intention to speak kind words like never before. Intention to respond when a friend or co-worker shares unkind words or deeds.

O God, give us courage to speak truth to power. Give us emotional and spiritual strength to call forth our better angels and love our neighbors. Unite us in compassion by not allowing unkind actions go by without speaking our truth and heart.

Rev. Dr. Al Boyce

Vigil in Dayton, Ohio

A vigil for victims of the shooting in Dayton, Ohio, on Sunday.
Maddie McGarvey for The New York Times.

Our church from the street

Our church from the street.

First Universalist Church of Turner Center
450 Turner Center Road (Rt. 117), Turner Center, ME 04282
(207) 524-7741

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